By: Carolina Mauti

Fall Maintenance for Your Home

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Owning a home is a great investment. Like with any investment you need to maintain and upkeep your home.  In the Fall before winter, here are some areas of your home and yard that you need to address.

On the Exterior of your home:
•      Check? the foundation?for cracks.
•      Caulk and seal openings
•      Clean gutters?and downspouts.
•      Inspect the roof for missing or loose shingles.?
•      Check the chimney.
•      Repair and/or seal driveway.
•      Weather-strip your garage door
•      Check the clothes dryer vent and ensure it covered so birds or animals can’t enter.
•      Caulk windows and weather strip doors.
•      Remove? and ?store ?external window screens.
For the Yard and Garden:

Porch and Deck Area: And before the weather turns cold tackle the Inside of your Home: